Batteries – Safety is Knowing!!

Today I want to chat a bit about batteries. How to use them properly, what type of batteries there are, and other aspects of safety. We use batteries for everything more and more every day. I remember as a child that maybe one of my toys would need batteries, now my razor has one. Society has grown so much with technology that we have used that to make our lives easier, and a lot more fun. The batteries we will be chatting about today are used for many reasons, however they all are geared for fun!! The “Li-Po” battery, one of the most important items for your drone, without this you cannot do anything but look at your drone on the shelf. Having fun while using batteries like this can also be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

Proprietary/ Non- Proprietary – What does that mean?

Proprietary and Non-Proprietary batteries are basically the same battery. Simply put Proprietary batteries are those that are housed in a case or covering of some kind to allow them to be introduced into the drone with ease and without taking away from the looks of the drone. There are many Companies that use this for of the “LiPo” battery. One of which is DJI. Their battery packs for each of their drones are Proprietary. To acquire a battery for one of their drones you must go to their website or to a retailer to purchase another battery. Non-Proprietary batteries can be found virtually everywhere, hobble stores are the usual place to find them outside of the internet.

How Do I choose the correct Battery?

This can be very confusing for those of us that do not totally understand the cells and how they work. Fortunately there is a simple a lot to make sure you have to correct battery for your drone specifically. This is how I found extra batteries for my drone.

First: Compare shop with the current battery that cam with your drone when you purchased it. Inspect the battery to get information off the label.

Second: Local Hobby store and they would more than likely have a variety of “LiPo” batteries.

Usually however, we would go to the internet first to find what we are looking for. to purchase batteries for your drone try Amazon.

Charging/ Chargers – Which do I use??

LiPo batteries are delicate and can be very dangerous during charging and discharging processes. It is highly recommended that the battery be charged with the included charger,(if one was included) or a separate purchase of one. There are so many companies that manufacture the chargers, being careful with your decision of which to buy is why I am here. I personally use the charger that came with my drone. This left out all questions for me. The lights indicate when it is fully charged and it stops charging as soon as the charge is complete. I would recommend a programmable charger if you decide to purchase one besides what came with your drone.

LiPo Battery- Care & Maintenance!!

I am sure that we all have batteries stored in a drawer in the kitchen!!! Well with LiPo batteries that cannot be done. The battery is stable yet can be pushed into an unstable state with the introduction of certain variables. Time of charging, temperature, storage, and discharging. Each of these variables can cause the battery to blow up or start a fire. There are some signs to look for when deciding if the battery is good or not. A protective bag called a LiPo bag or shield should be used to store batteries charged and not charged. The LiPo bag or shield can also be used during charging and discharging your batteries. Anytime your battery does start on fire is best to keep a class D fire extinguisher handy. This is due to the fact that it would be a chemical fire. There are many styles of this case and can be found ant hobby stores and online.

Landing Zone!

The proper care of your batteries and your drone is very important for the use of the battery and for your safety. Proprietary or not the LiPo battery has made fun more accessible. Understanding how to be safe while having fun is why I am here chatting with you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below.





3 thoughts on “Batteries – Safety is Knowing!!

  • April 8, 2018 at 1:01 am

    A lot of interesting content. This is something I never thought of. I didn’t realize Drones needed special batteries.
    I have thought a lot about getting into this, flying drones, as a hobby. But, from what I have seen, they are great for creating your own videos. Something I have been thinking about.
    When I do decide to get into this, I will definitely come back here to make sure I have the proper batteries. THX Wayne

  • July 4, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    Hello, well to be quite honest I have never known so much information could be found regarding batteries. Very informative and now I know enough about the subject. The content is relevant and well explained specially for us people who basically had or have little knowledge about the kind of batteries needed and use for these kind of useful electronic devices.Your niche is going to be grateful about this review and I believe you offered important, relevant and concise points to someone who are seeking feedback and information on how to proper choose the right battery for them, Best regards: Xavier.T


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