Decisions , Decisions – Lets decide!

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I hope your flights have been enjoyable.

Today we need to chat about what type of drone we want to build. Without having an idea of the types, you can refer back to a previous article “The Different types of Drones“. Let us get into this now. First we should discuss what type of flying we want to do. I will be taking all comments on this subject so that we can help ourselves be ready for our first flight.

Racing – Acrobatic!!

Researching all i have into which drone I would like to be my first is leaning heavily on the racer side. The racing drone is lighter and usually doesn’t have a body or shell around the frame to make it pretty. These drones are streamline light, and very agile. I myself am a little intimidated by the racing drone, that’s why i am leaning towards that type of drone for our build. FPV mode with the racing drone is a bit different from the other types of drones. While you could put your phone in a headset and FPV the goggles that have everything built into them are in my opinion a must. You can review my article “FPV Goggles – Components to help you fly”. The variety of frames and frame makers is staggering.

Pro-Sumer – Video Time!

I am very intrigued by the racing drone, however I am also thinking on building a drone with a great camera and creating video footage. This type of drone will have a shell on it and will look like one that is very popular, like the DJI-Phantom. The research I have done thus far in this category of drones has resulted a great deal of build kits that are knock offs of the original. This is not a bad idea if we want an easy almost everything is done for us build. I however I am looking for a challenge. That for me makes me lean more towards the racing drone for our build. I also like the idea of having a drone that follows me around, a good portion of the time the Pro-sumer types of drones are equipped with that option. to learn more about the Pro-Sumer type refer to a previous article,”The Different types of drones.”

Approach –Build Kits!

There are build kits for everything today. Going to Walmart and there are shelves, book cases, beds, etc. Luckily drones are not any different. The drone hobby has grown so much in the last two years,(when i started to get into them), it is amazing. I was browsing around and found all these kits that come with everything we would need to build our first drone. The idea has merit, This will be something I am considering for our build. Although the kits sometimes do not have everything to build the drone, I have found one that does include a transmitter. There are some kits that do not include the flight controller. Being very careful and making sure al the parts are in the specific kit, if we decide to go with the build kit approach. Transmitters are the most common item that is not in a build kit. Refer to a previous

From Scratch – No Build Kits!

I’m calling this approach “From scratch”, because this will involve researching every single part. Frame, Motors, etc. This could save money or it could be more costly. That will be discussed later. The really nice thing about doing this build from scratch is that we could get some parts upgraded because of money saved from the other aspects of this build. From Scratch, for many of use means make everything ourselves. For this build I think from scratch means that we buy everything separate, no kits. This is a more difficult approach but can be very fun and educating. Although even with a build kit the same components are involved. The learning never ends.

Landing Zone!

Whew, what a mouth full!

Now that we have reexplored the types of drones, along with two approaches to our upcoming build, we need to make the decision. The time has come for all of us to comment and make your suggestions for our build. The use of a build kit to reduce the time of researching all the different components, could save us some time. There is something to be said about the satisfaction of doing the research to complete a task. In this case, In my opinion would take way too much time. I am putting my vote in for us to find and agree on a build kit for our build. What is your vote or comment? Feel free to post your ideas and flights in the comment section provided below.

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3 thoughts on “Decisions , Decisions – Lets decide!

  • July 8, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Drones have definitely started to become more popular over the last few years.

    Most people that I know have purchased their own (I don’t think they even know it was possible to build your own) and they mainly use it for taking some amazing pictures.

    Depending on your usage they can be costly.

    Would you recommend a complete new person to build their own or purchase one? And if money was no object, which drone would you buy?


    • July 8, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      I would recommend buying a cheep drone like a $50-100 in value. Most of those in that price point are made for beginners.  Building a drone is or can be very difficult for a newbie to the hobby. I believe it is better to learn how to operate the drone before going on and building one. i have three drones at this point and my first is a micro drone, then a bit bigger but still and inside size. My third is an outside only drone. They can get expensive however, never buy a very expensive drone if you are a newbie. The crashes will break your heart and your wallet. 

      Thank you for your comments.  

  • July 16, 2018 at 3:20 am

    Hi Timothy:

    I will admit that I know nothing about drones so thank you for your post.

    Why do you think drones are becoming so popular?

    What sort of technical ability does someone need to build a drone?

    Also, are there money making opportunities in the use of drones? If so, do you have any ideas in this area?


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