Drone Frames -Defining, Finding, & Buying!

Hello and good day to all, Today we will be getting a better understanding about the frame for the upcoming build. In my opinion the frame is the most important component of building a drone. As a foundation is important to build a house, the same is for the drone we build. We do not want a frame that will limit the strength of the frame. We also do not want a frame that is so stiff that it snaps on first crash. In a perfect world we want a flexible and sturdy type of frame, allowing for great spead and durability.The first step is to define the frame and what types there are so we can make a decision on what frame we want to build on.

What is a Frame – How are they used?

Much like a car or truck the frame is very important. The frame allows for housing everything a drone needs to take flight. There is the main body of the frame which houses the flight control board, and camera. There is also the arms of the frame which houses the motors and the esc connections. Without a good strong frame the drone may not be able to withstand a crash or house what is needed. Along with the size of the frame and what it can house, is the weight of the frame and what it is made from. Today a good portion of frames are made of carbon fiber, while there are other frames made of ABS plastic. Many choose to use the carbon fiber frames as the material is much stronger and durable for crashes, and is lighter. Let’s take a deeper look into the different types of frames there are.

Different Frames – Different Drones!

Many times i have browsed the internet for frames and found many types by size, weight, shape and function. Size can determine the weight it is crucial in my opinion to determine what type of drone we want to build. We know it will be a hobby grade drone, therefore we should be looking into the lighter and smaller frames. Hobby Grade drones are very similar to the store bought type of drones you see at Walmart, etc. Therefore the type of framer will dictate what we can or cannot have. An example of this would be the larger the size of the frame does not mean that it will be able to do what you want it to. If you pick out a frame that is made for videography, yet you wanted to be able to do stunts and go really fast then that is not the correct frame. Think mostly what do I want to be able to do with this drone?

Finding Your Frame – What type of Frame Do You Want?

If you like the feel of speed and massive maneuverability then you want a super light racing type of frame. Video buff, you want to build a drone that can sustain long periods of flight to ensure a good video presentation. That means you want a light frame still just a little larger. For all of those in between that want a mix of both in one drone that we can look into another time. Meanwhile, Lets choose a frame for our build. I am leaning towards a racing drone, let me explain. The racing drone frame are usually what looks like the frame of all drones, well at least the skeleton of one when you take off the body panels. For our first build of this racing drone. I think it would be in our best interest and percentage of success for this build we should buy a kit. The kit comes with all the parts necessary to build the drone. The nice part is that we do not have to go through all the hassle of matching everything up, that is done for us. For that I have such a kit in mind. You can find this her at touchedbyaturtle.com, or you can find it on Amazon.

Buying the correct Frame – What type of Frame?

I can see it being very easy to get caught up in the bright and fancy frames. I have to admit they do look great! Rather, try to keep it as simple as possible and see what works. We are always here to help. That being said, let’s get to why it’s so important to get the correct frame. The wrong frame will either be too short, long, light, or heavy for what you want to do with it, For our build we are doing a racing drone, earlier I suggested the kit of a racing drone. Remember it does not have to be that kit. Want to build a video drone, go right ahead the basic building is the same. The difference is in the flight control board. Control boards, a topic for my next article. I digress, this build is about trying something new together and learning as we grow into this amazing hobby.

Landing Zone!

Either you have ordered your kit, or you are saving for one. I personally will be saving for one. Today we discussed frames and how they can help us find a frame that we want to build on. We have scoured and searched for the right one only to be somewhat confused about all the different kinds there are. Then we discussed what we want to be able to do with the drone. The process has been a great so far. The best part is now right, Waiting lol!! That’s right we wait for our kits to come. In the meantime leave your comments and questions in the comment section below. Your comments and question help this site to grow and give you want you want to hear about. Currently articles on flight control boards, The DRL 2018 Season, and much more. Looking forward to hearingyour commments.

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Happy Flying!!





5 thoughts on “Drone Frames -Defining, Finding, & Buying!

  • August 8, 2018 at 1:40 am

    Hey great article ! And just the one I was looking for !
    I’m looking into a drone for my beginner YouTube channel to support my small business !
    I do have a question though….
    Is it difficult ton learn to fly these drones?
    I had a remote control helicopter a few years ago that I killed pretty soon after buying it! LOL


    • August 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm

      At first it can be difficult to learn but practice makes perfect. i suggest you go buy a toy grade from Walmart or Amazon then learn how to control and fly line of sight first. then move on to FPV

    • October 21, 2018 at 4:51 pm

      Well for your first drone, I would suggest going into walmart and buying one that has gps. I have learned the hard way without gps. It is much more difficult to learn to fly without it.walmart has the pro mark gossip shadow drone. It is exactly the same as the warrior drone on my site. The only difference is that it has GPS. Then just practice!!!! Y poo u may want to purchase a couple extra batteries. You can also find this on Amazon.
      Thank you for your comments

  • October 21, 2018 at 9:50 am

    If you have already brought a drone then you should be aware to keep its part or accessories which will need in repairing time. Drone’s frame is the very important part of a drone and this thing should keep highly your best.


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