Drone Rules – Are you flying correct?

Today we have many ways of having a good time, always of having a good time have rules and laws to follow. UAV operation is not any different. The explosion of the drone industry has created a need for rules (laws) to protect others and the operator. Depending on the type of UAV and it’s capabilities will determine if that UAV needs to be registered. There are a few ways to find out if the UAV you want to buy needs that registration. Understanding where to fly and where not to fly is also a topic I will discuss with you today. The older we become we are more careful with everything we do on a daily basis. Safety is of the utmost importance in every aspect of life. Operating a UAV can be dangerous if the UAV is not being used properly. This also is another topic I will discuss with you. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Location, Location, Location!!

Understanding where to operate your drone is so very important for your safety and others. Try looking at parks or open areas to fly. This can be very complicated depending on how far you are willing to go. if you are in the Prosumer drone type, a good possibility for great footage would be state and county parks. If you are into the Racing drone type you will want to find a large open area either indoors or outside. The indoor may be the most complicated in my area to find a good location. Your area may have more possibilities, finding them well, we will grow together to help find locations to fly your drones. That being said, check back for any updates on locations. Trick drone operators have a bit more flexibility with where they can fly. The drone is much smaller, built to do fancy maneuvers. This type you can fly in your home, garage, back yard, local park, etc. If you are a Freestyle pilot, the best location for you would be a large open area as well, depending on the size of your drone you can also do this in your back yard if you have little to no trees, or power wires limiting your movement. As we wade through all this information, look for updates regularly so that you are picking the correct location. The nest step is to make sure it is not illegal to fly in the location you have chosen.

Respect the owner- Private Property!

You have been searching for a location to fly your new drone. Now that you have found one you set up and start flying. Out of nowhere a person comes up and is clearly upset because you are on their property. This can happen very easily today, it is much better to find out who owns the location and ask them if it would be OK to fly on their property. This is not any different if you are a hunter you have to ask the owner if you can step on their property. The owner says, yes! You have a spot to fly your drone without worry of disrespecting anyone or breaking any laws. A rule of thumb in my area is that if it is a field clearly used for farming. The closest house to that field is usually the owner.

Public Flight- Designated areas.

In some cities they may have public flight areas. This is much like a skate park. Check your local Parks and Recreation Department of your location. The industry is growing so fast that most local towns or cities begin to recognize that factor and creating places for drone pilots to fly.

A Club for this, A Club For That!!

Clubs, there are so many. We learned of them in school: chess club, debate club, etc. We grow older and find that there are so many more clubs and ways of socializing with other of the same interest. Drone pilots are no different. I will have to admit that flying alone is somewhat boring. I find that having a friend with, even if they are not flying, is much more fun. This industry is aligned with RC airplanes and other RC air models. There are so many clubs for those type of models, there has to be one for drones. Finding one however I have not yet done. We will walk together in the search for a local club. Leave a comment on your location and I will help you find a club that might interest you.

Multiple Pilots- Drone Safety!

Superfantastic, you found a great location, or you found a club that has access and permissions for locations. We have to talk about safety when flying with multiple pilots. Drone safety while with others and when you are alone is of the utmost importance. The wrong move or action could result in major injury, or worse. All the pilots should be together in one location to launch their drone. Utilizing the FPV mode on your drone, or line of sight with your drone, you should be able to direct your drone away from you and others. While it may sound fun to buzz your friends, this is not acceptable behavior. Any slightest wrong move could result in disaster. I would think that if you did find a club that they would have rules and regulations on the responsibility of flying a drone safely. The industry will continue to grow as will we. We will learn together, leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

Landing Zone!

Today we talked about a few topics I felt need to be talked about. Flying legally is the first topic being that it is the most important. The location will be of the next of importance and so on. We have discussed about clubs and hopefully I can help you all find a local club to enjoy your drone flights with others. This depends your interpersonal skills and you make new friends. As with all activities comes safety and respect of others personal space and property. I encourage any comment or questions in the comment section below, Happy flying!!!





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