Have A Dream? Build your Dream!!

Everywhere I look I find stores closing. Large department stores and currently one of the most influential stores in America. Rapidly changing markets creating new and inexpensive ways the manufacturers and suppliers do their daily business. E-Commerce has been growing in amazing fashion every year. I started to find ways to work from home withing this growing market. My first attempt at this market was the Internet Tool Box! Does anyone remember that int he late 90’s? Well needless to say after many years I found Wealthy Affiliate!

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Can it help me?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate February 2018. Currently still working through the certification program and learning so much! I have a website and design it myself. The community is fun, happy, and most of all willing to help and teach all wealthy affiliate associates. The community makes the team and is so solid it really creates a comradery among the associates.

How Wealthy Affiliate helped me is by giving me the necessary information to learn and grow while building business. Teaching how to utilize the internet to create a field of interest to others around the globe. That raised a how new batch of questions for me!

What type of business do I build? I don’t know much?

Questions, questions, and more questions I found myself finding while learning. I did not have any ideas of what type of business I wanted to have, or If I could even do it! Well at WA all those and many more answers followed my questions! I found a product that is growing and is in need of more exposure. This is called my Niche.

A niche is something that you like or are interested in. In my case it is the growing popularity of drones. My knowledge of drones was one of “I wanted one!” After three months I have learned as much about drones and I am able to write articles and create content to help those that do not have the knowledge that i have. This is helping others be informed of what they want to buy. This led me to the question of how to reach out to the other people searching for answers about drones?

Becoming and Author – Talk with your audience Be yourself!

During my learning to date, I have become a better author without even trying to. I am able to write effectively for papers while in college. I was also active in debate and public speaking so to my effort is a small amount of experience. However, writing for a global audience is a bit simpler. Writing like it is a conversation is much easier than writing paper or a book. Be yourself and let it flow!

What’s Next – I joined now what?

Congratulations! You decided to join the WA community. As I have given some information earlier, I found that a bit more will suit you l very well. Your next step is getting to know some of your fellow associates. Get your profile created and start asking questions? There is no question that is not important. Everyone is here to help you be successful in your respective “Niche”

Landing Zone

My activity on WA and yours is easily seen and followed as the community grows and we all help each other. As I continue through my certification I will be blogging about my progress on the WA site, and I will be posting updated articles on my growth here. Be sure to like and follow for updated information. Please leave a comment in the section below. Happy Dream Building!!





4 thoughts on “Have A Dream? Build your Dream!!

  • March 20, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    I am glad you found Wealthy Affiliate – it is definitely the best training I have found – bar none- and I have been Internet marketing since 1995! Keep up the good work.

  • March 27, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    This is excellent advice, particularly being yourself. Unlike other situations like in the workplace or at school, you can certainly act like yourself every time you put fingers to the keyboard.

    I write in a very direct way, but that is just my style. I always recommend to everyone who starts a blog to not commit the classic mistake: Trying to be everything to everyone.

    Some people may not like your approach, but everybody can find their niche and their style that will become profitable.


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