Legal Flying – It’s a thing!

Congratulations you bought a new drone, it’s bigger and can fly longer you are so excited to get out there and fly, hold one minute, Are you legal?

Believe it or not there are rules for everything. Remembering to be polite when asking to fly on private property is one side of flying legally. There are regulations set forth by commissions in our government. Today we will be discussing how to ensure you are flying your drone in a safe and legal manner. There is currently one mandatory and one that is not mandatory, however can be very important when trying to find a place to fly. The FAA has made requirements to register your drone. This is done in different ways or levels. The criteria for this are listed at: The other is more like a club to help support keeping flying as a hobby legal and thriving. This organization is AMA, (Academy of Model Aeronautics) much like some advertising we see on TV about donating to a cause. This organization helps to fund the legal areas of the hobby.

The FAA– Here to help!

The FAA is not here to stop you from flying, remember that. They are here to keep it safe for you and everyone else. Each drone must be registered, however the need for a new registration depending on what the drone will be used for. They have two distinctions for this reason. Today we are seeing more and more robots and devices that can do tasks that we don’t want to do anymore. This trend is continuing to grow and show great technology to make our lives easier. That in mind safety for the public is of the most important. You wouldn’t want to hit someone or a plane because you flew higher than regulated!

Registration – Recreational!

Recreational flying is defined as being used for personal enjoyment. While on vacation to take a few pictures or video of the events for example is one way to use it for recreational purposes. This registration is good for all drones you may own. This means that you do not need to re-register because you have bought a new drone. In this case you would just affix your registration number on to each drone you own. You are covered. Ready to fly!!

Registration – Commercial!

Commercial flying is a bit more precise in its rules. Planning on making money from the use of your drone there is a much more specific registration you must complete. Registration includes a five part test to certify you as a commercial unmanned aircraft pilot. Most of the rules are exactly the same for commercial as they are for recreational. The test is not that big of a deal so do not let it scare you from achieving your goal. They give sample tests for each section. This allows you to practice so that you pass with confidence. Good luck!!

The AMA -The Hobbies’s Protectors!

Contrary to what you think the AMA is not the American Medical Association. This is the Academy of Model Aeronautics. This organization raises funds for the hobby of model aeronautics. The AMA helps educate and further the hobby through contributions and events. This is not mandatory to join, however most of the hobbyist that take part in the AMA to help support their hobby. There is no fee for this organization, you can donate to them to help or take part in their events and donate that way.

Landing Zone!

Now you are registered and legally ready to fly your drone wherever you have permission. Refer back to my Drone rules, for more information on drone safety and where to fly. Thank you for joining me in this discussion of legal flying, I look forward to your comments and questions in the comment section below. Thank you, this is Turtle coming in for a landing!!





3 thoughts on “Legal Flying – It’s a thing!

  • March 27, 2018 at 7:53 am

    I had no idea that you had to officially register to fly a drone, Do you also need a license, as this is a new field of interest that i may want to try out. I have seen the applications and use of these machines on you tube and it looks to be something i can indulge in.Are they a bit like flying the radio controlled aeroplanes that we can easily buy.?

    • March 27, 2018 at 5:33 pm


      Each drone must be registered with the FAA, check on my article Flying Legal for more information. The controls are very similar to radio controlled airplanes. they have pitch, yaw, and draw.

      Drones are available everywhere now. Walmart, hobby stores, I use Amazon and ebay.  I bought m,y first at Walmart, my second at a hobby store. I plan on acquiring my third via Amazon

      Check out some of my other articles: Buy A Drone, What type of pilot are you!! This will help in your decision to buy a drone and what type. 

      Good Luck I hope to hear from you

  • April 12, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    Good Morning
    I am so happy to find this page many time I have been in stores and have seen these drones and thought wow how cool. I use to fly radio-controlled planes back in the 80s, the kind you build out of balsa wood put the skin on and the fly only to eventually crash. Back then we flew on the sod farms of eastern Long Island no registration required just permission of the land owner and there were lots of us flying and many spectators too. With all that said you have given me valuable information I needed to know how to fly legally. It looks like a lot of fun by the time my boy is old enough I will have the education to fly legally and safely thanks for the important information and guidance Mark


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