Micro Drones- Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone!

I have found another type of drone that could be tied with the trick drones. The Micro drone is just that, very small. I was curious to find out if smaller was the best way to go before going with a larger drone.This being my first flight, even though i have the other drone that is much larger. i found myself a bit intimidated by the larger drone. Worried if i were to crash badly and loose out on the money spent for it.  I decided to buy a Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone.

DX-1 Micro Drone– Easy or Hard flight??

While I opened the box and took the components out I found myself questioning,”Will this be harder to control”? I quickly grew my answer to that question. In my opinion it seems a great deal more difficult to operate this tiny drone, than operating a larger one. The control of the drone is so tight that the smallest of movement of the sticks will crash you. The DX-1 has an Auto Orientation to help make flight easier, however i found it not to work at all. it seems all the button did was light up and beep all the time. The main reason for difficult flight control is because of the time allowed from full charge to end of flight time.

Controls/ Features- Do they work?

The controls for this drone seem to be very responsive, however I feel they are too responsive. Very difficult to maintain a position or hover with this little guy. As said earlier one little tiny move and boom in the wall or wherever. The fine tuning of this drone is almost pointless. Setting the trim on this drone is impossible, there is no way of telling which way to go with the trim, and the directions are very generall about this.

Battery – Life???

The battery life in all drones is not very long. However the micro drone that I have purchased has a very small flight time. Having fully charged the drone, I was able to sustain flight for a total of about 5 minutes. This may be long enough for some, however for newbies like me not so good. I would finally be able to gain control and hover for about twenty seconds before it would die from a drained battery.  In other words by the time you gained control and started to get a feel for the drone the battery would die, then another hour or two to charge.

Price Point – Was it worth It?

The price point on this drone is very fair. I paid $20.00 for this drone and it is worth exactly that! The features it does have do not work, and it is very difficult to control. I however am happy that I did buy this drone, Why? It gave me insight to the flight controls and an idea of what to expect when i take my larger drone out for a flight. I would recommend a micro drone for those just starting out, however NOT this one.

Landing Zone!

As I bring the drone to landing and done trying it out, I have come to the conclusion that micro drones are not for me. There are those of you that micro drones are the way to go. Those of you that are into the micro drones there are many on the market and I can help find one you may like to learn with. Any questions or comments on this or any other subject, please feel free to leave a message in the comment section at the bottom of this post.





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