Product Review


I trust everyone’s day is starting out very well. Today I want to talk a little bit about The Promark- GPS Shadow Drone. This is my first drone that I  learned how to operate. I started this website to helpo others find their perfect drone and to build frienships through this hobby. Creating product reviews is another way we can help in the process of finding a drone for you.  As wee grow and learn together I will be posting more Product reviews to help guide you into a drone that fits your style of flight, and the activity you wich to use the drone for. I will wak you through the features of the drone and so on. There will also be video of the unboxing / setup in the About Turtle page.


Every drone type has a basic set of functions and or features. This is dependant on what the main activity ithe drone is used for. The Promark-GPS-Shadow drone is in line with the Pro-Sumer drone type. This means it has many features that a racing, or trick drone would have. The features for this particular drone are similar to others in this type. The GPS feature enables the drone to have the return home feature. This feature sets where the controller or operator is by GPS and the cell phone. A press of a button and the drone automaticly comes back to your location. Other features that helped me decide to purchase this drone are the follow me, auto take off, and landing. I was styarting to get a bit worried abouthow to hold the altitude of the drone, that is another key feature of the GPS it will hold position and altitude of the drone. The GPS also adds in another feature via the Promark GPS app. The app allows for live streaming of the video and saved srtainght to your cell phone. We understand some of the main features of the craft, now lets familirize ourselves with the flight controls.

Controlls-What is what?

Understanding the features is a good step to learning how to operate your drone. i did the dame process. the controlls were kind of immitating at first. i found them to be really easily laid out, easy to find and know what each is. The placement of buttons changes manufacturer to manufacturer, however generally are all laid out in the same way. Your left and right flight control sticks, power button, and return home buttons are usuall in the same locations as other controlls.

Battery- The life!

The battery life in flight time measurement is listed as up to 12 minutes. While this seems like a small amount of time to fly your drone, it actually feels like much longer. I would suggest on buying a couple of spare batteries. I have three batteries, I did that so that i can fly for longer periods of time. Mainly due to my location. I must travel a small amount to get to a safe location to fly.

Camera-Streaming Video!

The camnera is a wide angle 720 HD, with Wi-Fi enabled. The camera also has 90 degree articulation by remote so the pilot can adjust the view durring flight.

Landing Zone!

All chagreged up and ready to fly. We wlked through some of the features and other apects of this particular drone. The time has come to go out and be creative. Go out create some video and post it in the comments section if you wish to share it with us. Any other questions or comments on this review please feel free to express them in the comments section below. Thank you and Happy Flying!!