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Hello everyone, sorry I have been away I have more exciting information to share with you all and a new drone to review. I received a ProMark– Warrior Drone. This is a 2.4 GHz real-time video and image transmission drone. This would put it in the category of a Prosumer drone. That in mind about being a video type drone there are some Items I believe should be standard. Let’s dig a bit more into the information of this particular drone.

At first glance this drone seems to be a good practice and learning to fly type. The Warrior Drone does not have GPS so it will wonder off a bit. This drone is equipped with 6-Axis Gyroscope, Headless mode, Auto take off and land, Auto hovering, WiFi Streaming, one-button flip all with a 12-minute flight time. For the price of just under $100 I expected to have GPS.

What’s Inside – Unboxing

Let’s see what this drone comes with! There are two extra props, transmitter, battery, camera, screws for the 6 prop guards, and a charging cable. I am unsure why they would put 6 prop guards and only two extra props. It seems to me it should be four extra props as I have seen in almost every drone I have bought to this point. The prop guards are good to have, yet most of the time they are not used. Click the image on the right to see footage of me trying to fly and record. I am a novice pilot!!

Let’s not forget the most important item in the box is the drone itself. The look is similar to the DJI Phantom. The construction of the drone feels strong and durable, really don’t want to find out how much damage it can take on purpose. The lights on the bottom and top of the drone are great, really awesome at night!!

Transmitter – Receiver Layout

The transmitter is a bit more fancy than I expected for this price point. There are many buttons and options with this transmitter. We will start with the top left shoulder button. This is to take a photo or to start recording video. One single press is taking a snap shot, pressing and holding the button will start the recording. The left shoulder button is to do flips, to do a flip simply press the button and the desired direction with he control stick. The left stick is throttle up and down, left and right is the YAW. The right stick is your forward, back ward and your turn to the left and right respectively. In the center of the transmitter is the big power button.

There are little buttons one on either side of the power button and two on each side of the display screen.

To the left of the power button the little button is to adjust the angle of the camera, the button below this is to go into headless or normal flight modes. On the other side of the power button is the forward and backward trim, the button below is the right and left trim. There are four more to go folks, almost done with this highly useful transmitter. The two buttons to the left of the display screen are for speed up and speed down. This refers to the level of control you have has the pilot. This making each speed up a bit more free for you the pilot. The last two buttons are for the auto take off and landing on the top and the bottom button is to reset the drone after a crash landing. This must be used each time the drone crashes.

Camera – Video Recording & Quality

The camera is a 576p articulating camera. This give you the pilot the ability to change the angle during flight. The option works well the camera moves up and down allowing for a better picture or video of your subject. The quality is well not that good, but of course the camera quality has everything to do with that. During flight the snap shot and video buttons worked well and were responsive to when I pressed them. Send me some pics you have taken with your drone!

Taking flight – First Flight Impressions

The Warrior drone has two ways of piloting. The obvious way to pilot this drone is with he supplied transmitter/ receiver. The other option allows you to use your phone as a transmitter and a receivers well. You can control the drone from both the phone and the transmitter. I choose to use the transmitter with my phone. This allows me to see what the camera sees and if I want a picture of that I can just tap the button.

Take OFF!!!

At first, it was dicey and a bit uncontrollable. This however is usually the case right out of the box. Take some time to adjust your trim to help with the drone to be able to hold steadily. Remember this drone does not have GPS therefore it will never actually hold still like a drone with GPS will. This will require you to be able to adjust your trim and stay on the sticks to keep it still. This took me about 5 minutes to set it as tight as I could. Let’s try some flips and some other buttons to see if they are working properly!

The speed up and down buttons are working properly. The feel of the drone changes with every level.

I am getting a stronger response time with the drone being at speed 2. The auto landing works well, however it seems even If I use that button I still have to reset the drone to factory setting in order for it to be able to fly again. This tells me that I may have to reset the trim every time I crash or land.

Landing Zone

Wow!! This drone has so many positive that would make it a great beginner into the pro-sumer market. I however think that there are to many negatives to make it happen. Let me explain.

First there is the fact that it is a video streaming drone without GPS! This is my view is useless, might as well take the cheep camera off and use this drone to learn to fly and that is all it should be used for. All the features of this drone work as advertised, yet at the price point of just under $100 I expected there to be a bit better. The battery life and the flight time are expected with he weights of the drone with and without the prop guards the time seems to be the same.

I would recommend this drone only for the purpose of introducing someone into the hobby. This in my opinion is not worth the price point, if it was equipped with GPS to support the video streaming then it would be. If you have any questions or comments or even some pictures or videos of your flight, feel free to add them in the comment section below. Would love to see or hear your success with your drone!!

You can get your at Amazon, Happy Flying!





5 thoughts on “ProMark – Warrior Drone

  • June 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    The website is extremely well put together and I like that you have great visuals in many places.
    I have never even been near a drone, although I have seen some others flying them, and I can see that they would be very enjoyable.
    Your site is very good at giving us information..most of which I had no idea about. Keep up the good work, I am sure you will go far.

  • July 3, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Thanks for writing this great review on the promark warrior drone. I like the way that the camera can move around and that you can take video AND still photography. You are right in that a GPS would have been warmly welcomed. I was not sure how sturdy it was in crashes / tree branches etc. I hope it will still be OK. I had a question for you. In the event of a crash, can it still lift off or does it have to be perfectly flat to get enough lift off? thanks for sharing.

    • July 3, 2018 at 12:45 pm

      Thank you for your comments. To answer your question, It seems to take off just fine on any surface. i have relaunched it from uneven ground and even ground. Also be careful i have broken two props, and three prop guards. Now I have to be very careful when i fly because i am out of guards and props, lol. 

  • July 12, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Hi I have been looking into buying a drone for my buisness. I am often asked to check out customers roofs for damage. I have never flown a drone before and don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on one that is only going to be used a few times by a beginner lol. I like the sound of the warrior and your review is awesome but you are the professional.

    I am a bit unsure if this would be right for me regarding the gps and not holding in position. Could you advise on if this would be good for me to pull out my van fly it up take a couple of videos pictures and put away again?

    • July 31, 2018 at 1:26 pm

      Hello Allen,
      The Idea of you using a drone for your business, I strongly recommend that you get a Drone that has GPS most definitely. The nice thing is that on Amazon the have a great listing of drones. Click on the link on my site and search away. There are smaller drones you can practice with that are equipped with GPS at a much lower price. I would also suggest that you utilize those ti you are comfortable with FPV. I apologize for my response being so far from your comment. I digress,
      As for using it for your business, try to remember the turn around you will get from the use of that drone instead of the cost! The better an estimate you can give because you can see everything is HD quality. Your word of mouth in conjunction with any advertising will grow a bit faster. Think on the detail you will be able to give you clients that others cannot. This would be a very solid investment, and then you never know you may grow into a hobbiest like myself!


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