The different types of drones- Which Do you choose?


As I walked through the sea of drone information I soon realized I needed to find out how many types of drones there are? Questions in my mind like, can all drones do the same things? Are there different types of drones depending on the task Operator is planning to use the drone for. This article will walk you through the definition of each type of drone in private and commercial use. There are four types of drones, trick, racing, pro-sumer, and heavy payload. Each has their own unique characteristics, abilities.

Trick Drone

The trick drone is very small and has a small amount of time it can be used. The battery life is anywhere between 8 to 10 minutes per use. This type of drone is safe to use indoors. Size of trick drones are usually the mini drones. The smaller the drone from what I have learned thus far the better it can maneuver through obstacles. These mini or trick drones are often used to annoy family or friends, or even the cat.

Racing Drone

The racing drone is just that. These drones are built to be fast, great maneuverability, with goggles to pilot the drones through the course and obstacles. This type of drone has a longer time limit of 7 to 12 minutes. A bit longer than the trick drone. The flight time is just enough to run a three lap race, or heat. Often times each racing drone is color coded for each pilot.

Pro-Sumer Drone
DJI Pro-Sumer

Prosumer Drone

Prosumer drones are a bit bigger and have longer battery life than the trick, and Racing types. This drone type can carry a payload of a camera. The Phantom 3 is a good example of a Prosumer Drone. The technology in the Prosumer Drone is simply amazing. Software that allows the drone to hover on it’s own, follow the pilot, and many more are usually included with this type of drone. They give opportunity to the pilot to view things or areas they may not have ever seen before.

Heavy payload Drone

Heavy payload is probably the most expensive drone for commercial use. This type is expensive and often times has to be built before use. Unlike the trick, and prosumer drones are RTF (ready to fly), the heavy payload type are not RTF. This type is often used for delivery of items like pizza. Dominoes is and has been testing drones to do delivery of their product for a bit now. November 2016, Dominos used a heavy payload drone to Heavy Payload Dronedeliver a pizza to a customer. It was shown on CNBC.

DRL: Drone Racing League

I first saw a DRL race while at work, I became very interested in this new sport. I began to watch it on a regular basis. During this time I learned a great deal of what the difference between a racing drone and the kind I wanted to buy. The Drone Racing League (DRL) was founded in 2015. Using abandoned warehouses, malls, stores, and some arena to create their race path. Teams of tech pros building many racer drones to equalize the field of pilot’s. This leave only the pilot’s skill to determine the winner. I quickly made the connection to NASCAR organization. The DRL is almost the same. They have a pit crew, pilot, and each vehicle being exactly the same and the next pilot’s. Leveling the playing field, relying on the pilot’s training and skill level. This is very similar to NASCAR having regulations on horsepower, suspension, etc. The DRl is slightly different from NASCAR in a couple of ways. One way is obvious the vehicle, the other is that the DRL provides all racing vehicles to the pilot’s. The pilot’s can get sponsorship through their skill set and winning percentage. Whether it’s flying for fun or for profit the DRL is the sport of the future.

Landing Zone!

Drones, whether it’s for tricks, racing, casual filming or photography, or commercial use the future is very bright. We have all heard or maybe even seen Military drones overhead. The technology is simply put amazing. Imagine walking down the street with your dog, and above you is your drone. Hovering above you, following you recording everything that is going on around you. Maybe the drone will be walking the dog instead. My mind goes wild with idea after idea on what drones could do for our society and as individuals. I can only imagine that the authorities would begin to use them to lower the cost of running a police department, or a city park department. The many applications drones may be used for is growing every day. During the time writing this article I have learned even more about drones. Hoping that this article will help you decide which type of drone you want to invest in.





5 thoughts on “The different types of drones- Which Do you choose?

  • February 6, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Wow, I didn’t know there were so many drones. If I had more time, I would probably go for the racing drone. I knew someone who used to race one and he told me how much fun that was. The prosumer drone would be cool to have too. If I was still at the real estate office, I would consider it. Very interesting article!

    • February 6, 2018 at 9:31 am

      Thanks for your comments kevin. i am learning so much about drones that I never knew at all either. 

  • February 6, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Wow thinking about how far drones have come and how far they will be going is scary and exciting. I don’t think my weight loss will like the drone walking my dog but trailing over and watching seems like the ultimate. I didn’t realize how many types there were. Thank Yu for the information and please keep me up to date on the latest tech on them.

    • February 6, 2018 at 7:28 pm

      Thank you Dusty Emery for you comments.

  • July 6, 2018 at 8:17 am

    It simply amazing how these drone concept is evolving to better our living. Can you give a brief gist as to how the trick Drone is used to annoy someone?
    I once heard of drones being used for commercial purposes like delivery service but didn’t believe it. This is interesting.
    What is the battery life for the heavy payload and racing type drone?


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