Tools for the Job – What we need!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Every task of building anything requires tools and sometimes they require specific tools. This is not going to be any different for the tools we will be using for our build. I have a tendency to overdo things when it comes to tools of any kind. I do not buy what I do not need, however what I do need I usually get the best I can afford.

It is now time to talk about what type of tools we will need for our upcoming and future builds. I’m so excited for the series to begin, are you?

Let’s get to it.

Soldering Iron – Making connections!

Soldering wires to anything is not my cup of tea. I have only done this twice in my entire life and I failed at it miserably. That being said do not let it intimidate you we will learn together. I have been researching the soldering iron’s at my local Menards, and Walmart. The cost is of the upmost importance, Why? The cost will be reflected in the series to inform anyone that is joining us late will know how much they will be spending.

This tool is not that complicated to understand, but very easy to over solder the connection.

Hand Tools – Maintenance & Repair 

Hand tools are in my mind the tools that do not use any type of power. That makes this the largest section of our shopping list. There are hobby sets of exact o knives that will be immeasurable for the build. They range in price and design.

Multimeter- Find a short, Fix a short!

The multi meter is going to be used to make sure al the connections are secure and the flow of power from the battery is going where it need to go. this is ultimately in my opinion the most important tool we will be using to ensure our drone will have solid connections. I chose the pictured item above because it includes many of the items we need in one convenient package. Check it out!

Safety – Protect your eyes!

Safety is of the utmost importance when we are building anything. In this case with our build we will be working with electrical tools and other tools that require electricity. To be safe I will be using safety glasses to ensure my eyes get nothing in them. I would not recommend using goggles as they steam up and are very uncomfortable. The safety glasses are more streamlined and can provide the same protection without being uncomfortable.

Landing Zone

There it is folks a list of items we will need to build our drone. Of course there will be probably some revisions to this as we go ahead and order all our parts for the build. Keep checking back for updates, please feel free to post comments and questions in the comment section below. Happy Building is soon to come.

One thought on “Tools for the Job – What we need!!

  • June 28, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    Hello Timothy, I’ll have to admit this is something I know nothing about. I found your review and your website very interesting, as it opened my eyes to a whole new hobby.
    After reading your article I found that this might be interesting to get into.
    The review of all the tools is very helpful, most of these tools could be handy for all sorts of electrical repairs. I could think of many repairs that could be made with these. Thanks for the information!


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