Transmitters – Dedicated or not Dedicated – That’s the Question!!

Good day everyone, Today I would like to discuss transmitters. When, purchased my first drone I was shocked at the ease of which the transmitter worked with the drone. I also was very confused as this was my first and I have never flown an airplane or helicopter. I did what most would do, open it up charge it and start flying. I learned very quickly that I needed more information on how to control the drone and what the controls are. That being said lets get into this so we grow and understand our transmitters and their limits, to protect us and our drone investments.

Transmitter – Layout/ Function.

The layout is usually different for each transmitter, however there are a few items or controls that are the same with every transmitter that you would use for your drone, either toy grade or hobby grade. Currently I have had experience with the toy grade transmitters.

Toy Grade Transmitter

Layout: The right stick is throttle up and down, The left and right is the yaw. The left stick is your pitch and roll. Pitch being up and down and the roll being left and right.

There is usually a power button and trim buttons for each yaw, pitch, and roll. The trim buttons help to steady your drone, and to control it with precise movements. There is also stages of power for each transmitter. These stages usually 1 to 3 release a bit more power and maneuverability to the drone. The stages are usually starting with the least amount of control t the most amount of control. The last stage is usually called “headless mode”. This refers to the fact that the front of the drone is eliminated giving you the pilot full control of which way it is going. I have tried this mode and it is very difficult to use for the first time.

Hobby Grade Transmitter

The functionality of this grade is very similar to the toy grade, however the hobby grade is capable of much more. The configuration of the transmitter can be changed to your skill set or to how you operate your drone. The other main difference is hobby grade can be used for more than one drone.

Dedicated/ Non-dedicated – What does that Mean?

The difference between the two is relatively simple. One the dedicated transmitter usually pairs the drone as soon as the transmitter is turned on. This will happen as long as the drone itself is powered on before the transmitter. The non-dedicated transmitter usually has to be paired with the drone before it can be used for that specific drone. This giving the transmitter more use than just one drone. The non dedicated transmitter allows for multiple drones to be paired with it.

New Pilot! – Which is best to start with?

As new pilots, we learn how to fly, operate, and care for our drones. This means that once we start flying on regular basis we become much better pilots. This giving us the opportunity to grow as pilots. I would suggest that a dedicated transmitter would be the best to start out with. However, if you have been in the RC (radio-controlled) market before drone you may have the experience to not use a dedicated transmitter.

Landing Zone!

What exciting news! today we discussed transmitters. The difference between dedicated and non dedicated and which would be best to start out as a new pilot. New pilots show me what you have dedicated or non dedicate. If you have had experience with non dedicated please feel free to comment on your success with your transmitters and drones.

Happy flying!!






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  • April 25, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    I have just viewed your website, and am interested to know how you came up with the “Touched by a turtle” I have to admit that although I have no knowledge or experience of drones of any type, I noticed that you gave importance to the need to understand the difference between dedicated and non dedicated transmitters and which was the appropriate one to use in each case. You also explain in good detail, the need to understand the safety aspect in handling/storing the batteries correctly that is where and at what sort of temperatures to avoid any incidents/accidents occurring. Lastly, we are hearing more and more in the news about drones being flown too close to airports and plane flight paths causing potential danger to air traffic. Therefore, it was very reassuring to see that you have given a whole section/post to the subject of the legal aspects of flying drones, that is where to fly them and especially on private land/property.I am sure you will have many interested visitors to your site.

    • April 25, 2018 at 10:55 pm

      I wanted a title with my nickname in it and it is also a hook. Most people want to go find out what the title means. Mainly however i wanted a title that could encompass a range of Niche options. i thank you for your comments on Transmitters – Dedicated or not Dedicated.  


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